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Fiberglassmesh Panzer 330 g

Fiberglassmesh Panzer 330 g

Tubular plaster mesh is produced from glass thread and fiberglass rovings in cross weave with 4 mm cell size and 10-110 cm width.



Cell, mm Density, g/sq. m Tensile strength, H/5 (base/weft) Roll, sq. m
8,5 х 8,5 330 3 600 25

Facade fiberglass mesh is designed for reliable reinforcement of the plaster layer on the building’s external walls. It has a number of distinctive characteristics which guarantee the high stability and reliability of the plaster coating:

  • has high resistance to tearing and stretching;
  • contributes to overcoming internal stresses caused by sudden changes in temperature and humidity;
  • is highly resistant to alkaline components even in conditions of high humidity, due to special polymer processing;
  • protects the plaster layer surface from cracking under all climatic conditions.

The products have all the necessary approval documentation for their employment in construction activities in the Russian Federation.

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