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Movement bead PVCCO-extruded

Movement bead PVC CO-extruded

The profile is used for finishing thermodynamic joints in ETICS . It is used as a covering profile for zones of displacement and tension (shrinkage-bending or shrinkage-compression) of two different bearing structures.

E-type, straight wall
V-type, inside corner
Profile type Length, m Quantity per pack
Плоскостной Е-обр. 2,5 62,5
Угловой V-обр. 2,5 62,5
Other profile sizes are available on request
Packaging: cardboard box


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Groove bead is used for designing of decorative groove on the facades of buildings without additional reinforcement with facade fiberglass mesh.


A profile is used as a starting support lath for heat-insulating boards in ETICS. It’s installed horizontally along the perimeter of the building with a special hardware kit (dowel, connector, compensator). The profile takes the load of insulation boards, provides the removal of moisture from the system. Plastering of the hard-to-reach lower edge insulation is not required.

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