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Reinforced materials for plastering facades with effective thermal insulation system

Product catalog

Corner bead PVC with mesh

Reveal bead PVC STANDART

Reveal bead PVCwith mesh STANDRAT

Reveal bead PVC with soft-lip with mesh

Reveal bead PVCwith soft-lip


Reveal bead PVC REINFORCED with mesh

Dripnose bead universal PVC with mesh

Flexible corner tape PVCwith mesh

Corner bead for arches with mesh

Reveal beadwith mesh and precompressed sealing tape

Groove bead

Movement bead PVCCO-extruded

Base profile PVC for thermal insulation

Base profile ALUMINIUM for thermal insulation

Fiberglassmesh 160 – 165 g

Fiberglassmesh Panzer 330 g

Fiberglassmesh Interior 65 g

PVC Arch Corner Bead

PVC corner bead

PVC corner bead GENIUS

Render stop bead PVC with mesh

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